Why Men Drive Me Nuts

I am not saying that all of the men that I meet at London escorts at Charlotte Fulham escorts drive me nuts, but the truth is that many of them do just that. When I first started to work for London escorts, I was pretty young and I did not really have so much dating experience. But, now when I have been dating for about 7 years, I have learned that more or less all men are the same. They can all drive you nuts from time to time. I normally go with the flow, but there are occasions when I tell some of the men that I date off.


Most of the time, it is my London escorts regulars who get told off by me. Some of them don’t seem to realise that even though they are dating London escorts, they need to meet certain standards. Okay, the standards are not set in stone, but I do expect my gentlemen callers at least to take a shower. You may not think that you are hot and sweaty when you have come off the golf course, but in my opinion, you should take a shower. Remember that the next time you plan to date London escorts after your game of golf.


Not only that, but you should also make sure that you are somewhat smartly dressed. All companions that I know certainly do make an effort to look smart when they start work. I think that men who like to take companions out on a date to a restaurant or a cocktail bar should get suited and booted. It is nice for a girl to go out with a smart-looking man. It makes the date a lot more enjoyable if you know what I mean.


Don’t drink alcohol before you date London escorts. Yes, men who are new to dating London escorts often feel that they need some Dutch courage, but there is a downside. Most London escorts agencies are pretty strict when it comes to alcohol and it is much better if you could try to stay away from drinking before the date. As a matter of fact, there are some London escorts who will turn you away if you turn up drunk.


Should you expect your girl to pay for the date? If you are taking an escort out in London, you need to pay for her drinks and food – that sort of goes with the territory when it comes to dating London escorts. But, I have to admit that I have met men who think that they should not have to pay for anything else but an escort’s time. It may work that way in other European capitals, but it certainly does not work that way in London. Having a touch of class when you date London escorts is really the one thing that you must have, and it pays to spoil your new sexy friend as well.


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