Are London escorts part of the gig economy

I keep on wondering if we are not all slowly being swallowed up by the gig economy. When I first arrived in London, there was nothing like the gig economy and companies like Uber did not exist. Now companies like Uber and many other seem to be everywhere and I am sure that a lot of people are working as self-employed. It seems to be the new norm.   Can you make money out of being self-employed? Of course, you can make money out of being self-employed but you need to be rally savvy. If you end up paying for fuel and stuff like that, I think you need to be twice as careful. That can really cut into your profit margin. Before I worked for London escorts of, I used to work for another escort agency as an in call escort. It was okay, but my boudoir was costing me a small fortune. Working as an outcall escort  is a lot better.   It is not only the girls here at London escorts who can be considered as part of the gig economy. Start looking around London and you will soon appreciate that girls who work as lap dancers or strippers may also be considered as part of the gig economy. They work for a certain club, and they bill them. If they work for several clubs or as independent, they would still be considered as part of the gig economy. Keeping track of all of these different employment styles is not easy to do at all, and I am sure that there are a lot of people out there who really struggle. When it comes to tracking what you earn and bill companies, it is not that easy anymore.   Should workers in the adult entertainment industry have their own tax codes? I think that it is about time that we girls who work in the adult industry here in London had our own tax codes. Many other countries know that the adult industry contributes to the overall welfare of their countries but we don’t seem to be aware of that here in London at all. Some of the girls that I know here at Bromley escorts earn more money than people who work in the City, and I really think they should be acknowledged somehow.   Is Britain ashamed over it adult entertainment industry? I am honestly beginning to wonder if the UK is not a little bit ashamed over it adults entertainment industry. After all, most guys here don’t talk about dating escorts. When I was in Holland not so very long ago, I spoke to a couple of Dutch escorts. They seemed more than happy to be part of the industry, and they said that their dates always acknowledged them. If that is the case, why can’t that happen over here? I think that would be only fair, and I think it would do Great Britain a few favours.

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